How did I acquire Emory’s Crystals, you may ask?

Well, I was actually first an employee at Emory’s Crystals. All of a sudden, the owner, put the business up for sale. I had been wanting to find my niche. As a new mom of my six-month-old, I knew that I wanted a schedule that was conducive to raising my daughter and working. At that time, I worked at both an antique store and Emory’s Crystals. I really enjoyed learning about the uniqueness of the crystals, the science of them, and the healing powers of each one. I said I can do this. Having a degree in environmental science and a childhood love of rocks, it all made sense for me to buy the business. Emory’s Crystals allows me to combine my loves for nature, crystals, and helping others. People have always felt comfortable to come to me with their problems, they say I’m a good listener and they trust me. It pleases me to make others happy and I do my best to help. Many customers come to me in need of assistance with their personal life. Some are: coming out of abusive relationships, having difficulty with sobriety, having trouble with mental clarity, having trouble with stress or depression, and many other instances. According to the ailment, I pick the crystals for the customer’s needs (achieving goals, manifesting desires, feeling less stressed, being calm and relaxed, gaining self-worth, losing bad habits, understanding thoughts and feelings, and gaining guidance from higher powers). This gives them a good jump start on their new path and helps alleviate the guesswork. Another type of my customers come in for an anniversary gift, a birthday gift, a holiday gift such as Christmas, a thank you gift, etc. I help them pick out items that fit the giftees likes and personality. Sometimes we commission one of the local artists to tailor a piece for them. I don’t like to be pushy but I like to let my customers know what they are looking at. Other types of my customers are either Wilmington area locals and tourists. I like them to feel happy while they shop, so 90% of my items are tangible. Meaning the customer can see up close, touch, and literally try on the pieces. It is really fun to try on pretty things and feel special.

The store is set in a historic building called the Cotton Exchange, in downtown Wilmington, across from the famous Cape Fear River. It has a lot of character and charm. The Cotton Exchange was converted from a mixture of industrial/commercial sections into a shopping center in 1976. The historic Cotton Exchange now houses a mix of retail stores and restaurants so folks can both shop and dine. Locals and tourists can make a day out of it and stroll downtown Wilmington. Not to mention, the sunsets over the river are beautiful. The atmosphere of the old but quaint building is special to me. I started shopping there when I first moved to North Carolina in 2004. Fun fact, the section where Emory’s Crystals is located, used to be a granary where they processed and produced grits (a favorite Southern food).

When I bought the store, the previous owner explained to me that she named the store after her granddaughter. I simply kept that name, because it has a special meaning. So, no need to change the name, the store speaks for itself. I feel that the store is a reflection of my personality: a mix of eclectic and unique. I wanted the store to have antique/vintage items, modern items, cutesy items, hippie items, and handmade items. And, the customers love the fact that the items in my store are items that they don’t see just everywhere. My idea was that it is fun to be different, unique, and eclectic; it’s what sets us apart from the next person.