Cathy Baron, owner and designer of A Glass Act Stained Glass and Mosaic Designs. She is a North Carolina artist (near the mountains) who designs stained glass pieces, not only as beautiful and unique forms of art to wear, but as decorations for your homes. Her top seller in my store, is her stained-glass earrings. Cathy’s stained-glass designs are constructed using the Tiffany stained glass technique. For 17 years, each piece is handcrafted, making it a one of a kind. Cathy even completed mosaic classes in Rome, Italy learning the techniques of Micro-mosaics (hand-pulled thin glass threads set in Roman stucco) and Old Roman mosaics. She hopes you enjoy her pieces, as much as she loves creating them!

Barbara and Walter Priest, owners and designers of Bena Creations. They are Virginia artists who do custom wire wrapped gemstone jewelry for over 6 years. As a husband and wife team, they travel all over for their gemstones. Walter beautifully cuts and polishes the stones with top-notch care. Barbara wire wraps the gemstones in sterling silver in a manner that compliments the stone and makes it eye-catching. They also make adorable gemstone trees. This is a unique item, excellent gift, or great adornment for a small space. Barbara and Walter travel back and forth to visit their son Adam in Carolina Beach, NC and vice-versa. Each piece is hand-picked for my store.

Graham and Jennifer Pelletier out of Jacksonville, North Carolina are the owners/creators of Pelletier Jewelry Designs. They have a wide variety of pieces in my store. They create jewelry like: beautiful sterling silver wire wrapping of gemstones & sea glass, flatware jewelry using 1920’s and 1930’s pieces, penny pendants hand painted with alcohol ink and other unique mediums, necklaces and earrings using sparkly Swarovski crystals, funky Steampunk jewelry. Graham’s focus is painting. His themes include: jellyfish, trees, waves, and other items found in nature. They are happy to commission custom pieces. The care and quality that goes into their work is stupendous and for over 12 years now. Fun fact, they snorkeled in Maui, Hawaii to collect the sea glass for their earrings and pendants.

Kris Kelleher, artisan in New Jersey who produces very interesting jewelry, called Relics Redefined. She is a professional theatrical designer by trade. Kris takes vintage, antique, and unique pieces and repurposes them into beautiful, fun, and one-of-a-kind necklaces. Kris states “everything has a story -characters in a play, people on the street, objects in a drawer, long ago forgotten”. Her goal is to take these relics of the past and give them a new life, tell their story. This is her side hobby for 8 years now. My favorite piece of hers, a necklace she made from the number tag from the seat back of an old school amphitheater/orchestra, which also included a crystal from an old chandelier.

Glenna Moller, after retiring from teaching in Illinois, moved to Wilmington, North Carolina. She uses her creativity to make unique jewelry (simple beading to wire wrapped jewelry) that appeals to all age groups. Glenna’s love of nature incites her to use natural materials to create her jewelry. She uses a lot of mixed media for her jewelry, but my favorite are her shell necklaces because she uses shells from Carolina Beach. Glenna has been only at this for three years but has a knack, and her love for turtles is reflective in numerous of her pieces, from necklaces to bracelets, to anklets, to earrings.

Kayla Teeters, founder and artisan of CK creations, since 2015. She is a young, sweet, fun-loving individual who lives in Wilmington, North Carolina. Kayla grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina, which reflects the style of her work. Her jewelry is featured in numerous local stores (including mine) and festivals. Kayla makes a large range of bohemian and earth vibe jewelry, including: gemstones; aromatherapy beads; metals; crystals; natural resources and hand stamping. She has a passion for protecting the earth, supporting local, and creating your special jewelry. It is her hobby, business, and passion. My favorite pieces of Kayla’s are her bracelets she makes with diffuser beads that you can use your essential oils on. Oh, I almost forgot, she also makes amazing dream catchers too! And, for her shark teeth necklaces, she uses shark teeth that she finds on our beaches right here.