Crystal Education 101.

There are two types of crystals.

1. Natural Crystals. These are your gemstones/minerals/rocks/stones (from the earth)
2. Manmade Crystals. These are your Swarovski, Chinese, Czechoslovakia, etc. (from human hand)

Many people get this confused. I just say, if its natural and from the earth, then what is more beautiful than that. Here is some background on Natural Crystals. Thousands of years ago, gemstones were set into jewelry. They were first found on beaches and in streambeds, later they were both mined and traded all over the world. For example, lapis lazuli has been mined for 6,000 years. Most gemstones are minerals that have formed in a variety of environments within the Earth. Some gemstones are rare and some are common. Everyone has a different opinion on their beauty. Most people love amethyst for its beautiful purple color. Others love agate for its pretty striations and different colors and patterns.

Labradorite and black tourmaline are two of my favorite gemstones. Labradorite is a feldspar, a calcium aluminum silicate. It is derived from the Labrador Peninsula in Canada. It was found in 1770. It shows a “flash” of blues, greens, gold, purple, with a basic background of grey. My favorite is the beautiful blue flash. Labradorite helps one to be aware of their innate psychic powers (clairvoyance, telepathy, psychic reading, past-life recall, communication with spirit guides, etc.). It helps by enhancing these abilities along with self-discovery. Placed on the third eye chakra during meditation, labradorite can help one to see visions of the past and future. It is a stone of strength, and also helps one to see their true purpose, aka higher awareness. When I wear a piece of labradorite jewelry, it helps me feel confident and able to answer difficult questions. Tourmaline, found in the 1700’s, comes in a few colors (black, pink, green, purple) and is found in many areas around the world. It is an aluminum borosilicate. Black tourmaline is great for protection against negative thoughts, negative feelings, negative people, negative beings. It cleanses the auric field. Also helps one to clear feelings of unworthiness. Good for one with high levels of stress, helps one to clear worry, negative thoughts, and obsessive behaviors, and helps one feel grounded. I love the different layers (parallel striation layers), which make it look shiny.

What do Emory’s Crystals sell?

We sell:

  1. Natural crystals, both rough and polished. We have amethyst, quartz, citrine, garnet, sodalite, angelite, fluorite, lapis, aventurine, obsidian, tourmaline, agate, jasper, howlite, labradorite, onyx, shungite, rhodonite, carnelian, lepidolite, hematite, kyanite, sunstone, moonstone, tiger-eye, jade, fuchsite, calcite, chalcedony, pyrite, selenite, bloodstone, iolite, and more. Many shapes and sizes are available. We can special order or custom order other pieces to fit your needs.
  2. Manmade crystals, mostly the Swarovski prisms. These ones you can hang in the sunlight or near lightbulbs, in which the prism refracts the light and makes beautiful rainbows across the room.
  3. We sell a lot of gemstone jewelry (natural crystal jewelry). This jewelry comes from reputable sources. I pick from my gemstone vendors that I have used for 10 years, as well as jewelry shows that I travel to, where I hand pick. These pieces are real gemstone, beautiful, as well as affordable. We carry a variety of neck cord/necklaces for our pendants. These pieces can be put on stainless steel, sterling silver, leather, cotton, string, and etc. Any of the pieces can be changed around for your needs or budget, accordingly.
  4. Handmade jewelry. I have approx. 10 local artists. They do such great, unique, quality work. There is a mixture of items in this category, some are crystal (both manmade and natural), dichroic glass, stained glass, vintage, wire wrapped, resin, mixed media, etc.
  5. I sell salt lamps, selenite lamps, agate lamps, dreamcatchers, scarves, shawls, hats, headbands, hair clips/dangles, purses, hippie bags, coin purses, satchels, pocket charms with a meaning, car charms, inspirational gifts, trinkets, even facemasks, and etc. A favorite of mine are the handmade tooth fairy pillows, by local artist, Patricia Cook. We all remember losing our first tooth or others thereafter. It is special to have the tooth fairy visit us and leave us a gift (most times money). It is special to know that we are growing up and a new tooth will grow in place of the baby tooth. Patricia has been sewing for 50 years. She also does embroidery. She made her first two tooth fairy pillows for her grandchildren and they loved them. She loves picking the colors and backgrounds and coordinating them. The tooth fairy pillows are super cute, they can be hung on a doorknob or dresser drawer. There is a pocket upfront to place the lost tooth and a pocket in the back for a note and the tooth fairy to leave the child their prize. These are well loved by children and parents; my daughter has one too! My next favorite are the selenite lamps. They are gorgeous. It looks like an ice castle. I keep one in the house in the kitchen. Selenite is a wonderful mineral that brings balance, healing, cleansing, purification, etc. It is a stone to help balance and align your chakras (energy centers). Overall, very beautiful and powerful; many people say that it amplifies the powers of the stones that it is placed around. It is a very good stone to meditate with and a good spiritual guide. It is a must have in the gemstone world.
  6. Fair Trade. Very popular items in my store, are the fair-trade rings. They come with a lifetime guarantee and they are made in a developing country where the workers get fair wages for their craft. Ladies love these rings and they come back for more. They come in a variety of mediums, but my personal favorites are the ones with real flowers in resin.