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Emory’s Crystals is comfortable, affordable, personal, honest, and reputable. I stand behind all my products and I can tailor your requests or needs. You can have it your way! You will find great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, just because, other special occasions, and especially for treating yourself. For those who like the personal aspect and want guidance and help, I am happy to do so. I love giving pieces a nice final touch, like polishing a ring that a customer is buying.



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Emory’s Crystals is open 7 days a week for your shopping pleasure. In-store is so much fun; you can see, touch, and try on pretty jewelry pieces and etc. However, I am happy to accommodate a private shopping appointment (if you feel more comfortable during these strange Covid-times or cannot make it during regular hours). I have done this for some customers who simply have a busy schedule, can’t make the regular hours, but still want to come into the store.  In these trying times and busy schedules, I am happy to accommodate the needs of my customers. Please call (910) 772-5415